Should you sometimes feel small, useless and depressed always remember, once you have been the fastest and best sperm.

Robert JankeGreetings!!

I am a Passionate Globetrotter, Real Estate Professional and Earthling. I created this site as a starting point for people who already know me or want to know me. Here you will find out the very basics about me. Here you will find links to my other online profiles. Here you will find ways to contact me. I would love to connect with you at any of my upcoming venues. » Continue reading and get in touch!

My given name Robert has many variations and is known all over the world. But interestingly enough, the name Robert is of old German origin and yes, I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. But now, some three decades later, I have become a Passionate Globetrotter and Real Estate Professional. One could say, same as my given name has done over a thousand years, I have also come around quiet a bit in this world.

I have worked with the world’s largest privately held real estate service company and lived in Europe, Asia and South Africa and have travelled and spent significant time in over 56 countries across all continents, except Antarctica.

I went on a holiday to Brazil on 9 December 2008. It ended up being a holiday around the world…

not for 1 year… not for 2 years… not for 3 years…
but for

5 years, weeks, days

Over the past five years I have been to all far away countries I had not seen before but always wanted to see. I did not do the fast tourist track of just snapping pictures and getting as many stamps in my passport as possible. Most of the time I stayed for as long as my visa would allow; one month or up to three months. Big countries like Australia, Canada, China, the USA but also difficult to get around countries like Indonesia and the Philippines or other exciting places like Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand I visited several times.

I had the goal to explore as much of each of the countries I visited as possible, to learn what people and countries were doing and to see how well they were doing it. I met extraordinary and ordinary people, walked through moon like landscapes, jungles, faced earthquakes and accidents, and tasted divine and sometimes horrible food, while covering vastly diverse landscapes, cultures, and societies.

Along the way, I documented my experiences and discoveries with photography and videos. You can even follow my footsteps thanks to Global Positioning System (GPS) recordings of my coordinates. So pick a country or region and ride with me on my 5 Year Holiday Adventure!

You want to know where exactly have I been and when? Check it out →