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Meet the Permanent Traveler

Hi, I’m RJ, a German guy born and raised in Berlin, who stopped working full-time in real estate investment at the age of 30 to become a Permanent Traveler that would change the course of my life forever.

Since 2009 I do not have a home and travel the world perpetually. Over the past 13 years, I have been to all 6 continents (except Antarctica) and over 86 countries. I like to follow the sun. I travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape me.

I created this site for people who already know me or want to know me. Here you will find out the basics about me, travel statistics, links to my other online profiles, ways to contact me, and plenty of photos. Happy exploring!

follow me on my 13-year trip around the world


Robert Janke
  • 15 Years Travelling
  • 90 Countries Visited
  • 6 Continents Visited
  • 7500 Coffees Consumed

my story

Towards the end of high school I had three potential careers in mind: beauty surgeon, stockbroker or real estate. I ended up studying real estate. The best decision ever!

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Travel Statistics

There are around 195 countries in the world today. It's not my goal to see them all. I consider myself a traveler, not a tourist. My trips are journeys rather than vacations. I have traveled to 86 countries so far!

Countries of the World (%)

World share of total countries

Countries by Land Area (%)

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World share of total population


  • North America
  • Latin America & Caribbean
  • Oceania
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia


I have also


  • Climbed where Moses received the Ten Commandments
  • Cage dived with great white sharks in South Africa
  • Escaped a baseball bat attack in South Africa
  • Visited active volcanoes in Hawaii, Indonesia and Costa Rica
  • Went caving in the largest cave in the world in Vietnam
  • Was carried 6h on a motorbike & taxi to a hospital in Indonesia
  • Ate scorpions, silkworms, tarantulas, cockroaches in Asia
  • Skydived from 13,000 ft in New Zealand
  • Swam with whale sharks in New Zealand
  • Experienced rocket attacks during the 2014 Gaza War
  • Visited Jesus’ birthplace and place of crucifixion
  • Floated in the Dead Sea
  • Survived when my SUV broke down in remote Botswana
  • Got threatened at a graveyard in Ecuador
  • Experienced earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Greece
  • Jumped twice from a skyscraper in Berlin on my 40th birthday


Whenever you feel sad or lonely, just remember, you were the fastest sperm, winning against 250 million others!

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What's your favourite place?
There is no one best place in the world. It depends on individual preferences. I like warm weather, sunshine and ocean but also city life and modern amenities. In summer I like Europe because it’s easy to rent a nice car (I like convertibles) and drive around many beautiful places. The US is also great for road trips in summer. Hawaii and Costa Rica are perfect during the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere. South Africa is special because the African continent with its wildlife and people is different from anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately, safe travel within Africa is limited. Australia is beautiful but expensive and far away from everything. Thailand is one of the best holiday destinations. Great value for money! Singapore is a nice city to live in if you like modern city life and have lots of money.
Do you never get tired of constantly travelling?
I don’t move around all the time. I have periods where I’m on a road trip for several weeks or months, changing location almost daily. Then there are periods where I rent an apartment for several months and don’t move around at all. It’s all about balance in life.
When will you stop travelling and settle down?
I don’t intend to ever stop traveling. I’m sure I’ll slow down and the way I travel may change, but I don’t know why I’d ever want to cease traveling entirely. The world is too beautiful to just stay in one place. My old age retirement plan is to spend the summers in Europe and split the winter months into two warmer and sunny destinations, e.g. 4 months Europe + 2 x 4 months warm & sunny winter destinations.
How do you pay for this?
Passive income. I own commercial properties in Germany. The surplus rental income plus monthly management fees from my investment partner. I also invest in the stock market for diversification as part of my old age retirement planning.
Where do you live?
I don’t have a home anywhere. I just rent hotels, guest houses or apartments wherever I go.
Where do you have all your clothes?
I rent a 1.6 sqm storage unit in Berlin, where I change my clothes when I’m there, depending on where I plan to go next. I also buy new clothes along the way, ending up with way more clothes than I need! My luggage is one 75 l suitcase (Osprey Ozone 75l), a backpack with maximum size as carry on (Tortuga) and a high quality garment bag (Degeler SkyHanger). Lightweight and durability are of the utmost importance for me!
Do you get lonely?
Not really. I have always been a lone wolf and feel comfortable with myself. I meet people along the way. Some of them have developed into long-term friendships and even more. Also, the internet makes keeping contact with people around the world very easy.
How many languages do you speak?
Fluently I speak two, German and English. I took Russian classes in school and Spanish at university but never really put much effort into them in the real world. English is sufficient in most countries. For everything else, Google Translate is my best friend.
Does the Coronavirus stop you from traveling?
My international flights in 2020 got cancelled. I was still able to travel through Europe. At the end of February 2020, just before the world entered into lockdown, I returned to Berlin from a two months trip with my dad to Dubai and Southeast Asia. After the first lockdown, I went on a month-long road trip to Croatia and spent a month each in beautiful Gdańsk and Kraków in Poland. Since October, I rent a penthouse at the beach in Crete, Greece. I prefer sitting out the pandemic in the sun. Solo traveling makes keeping social distance simple. Let’s keep fingers crossed for 2021!

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